Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Washing Of Water By The Word

Eph 5:25-26 - Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

I wanted to talk more about what I believe the Lord has shown me concerning true authority and how it is to operate. Previously I wrote concerning the picture of Eph 5 as it concerned the Husband and taking up his authority by laying down his life for his wife through lovingly serving her as Christ loved and served the church through His death on the cross. Just a quick thought about this, men many have forfeited their authority in their home and the proof of this is that there is not order. Your wife is living like a widow and your kids are begging bread and living as vagabonds spiritually. Church service nor your demanding your position as head will not remedy this. It's time to look at yourself and not at those you are leading. Who have you given your authority too. Well you can get it back by receiving your authority from Jesus and by exercising this authority in your home. Remember what true authority is. It's giving yourself and laying down your life for your wife and kids. Getting under and in their lives to support them and to show them who Jesus is through your life. Wow!!! Find out whats in their hearts and give them yours. Wash your wife and kids with the water by speaking, teaching and living the word of God. You are the pastor of your home!!!!

The christian marriage is a picture of the body of Christ where Jesus is head or chief. Jesus is supreme authority and His authority is to flow down through His body from the head down through the fingers and toes. This authority is available for those part that seem to be important like the eyes and ears, and for those parts that seem to be less important like the finger and toes. Every part of His body has a function and a role for His body to fully operate. How is Jesus body operate or to be fully functional. Well this verse gives one of the basic functions of His body. His Body is to be clean from sin and to be sanctified from the world (vs 26). How does this happen? Well it happens through the washing of water by the word. The Church of Jesus Christ is to be set apart from the world and She is to be clean of the stain and controlling power of sin. This is not the case because the body of Christ has forfeited Her authority and is not properly functioning as a body. To regain His authority and to properly function The Body we give our lives for one another by washing one another through the water of the word. This is done through loving relationships not in church attendance and church run bible studies, programs, Sunday school, etc. It's done as we walk in this life with the the shod feet of the Gospel to make disciples of all nations.
Please take time and read John 13

Verse 3 - Jesus knew that the father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come from God and was going to God. Jesus was secure in who He was and what His purpose was. God had given all things into His hands - Jesus was about to go to the cross and everything He needed to do this His father had given Him. He had taken up His full authority and knew that He was from God and was going back to God after He finished His life of serving. Wow this speaks so loudly of knowing who we are in Christ and our purpose to represent Him in the earth and through His authority go and make disciples of all nations. Remember Jesus gave His authority to His disciples. Only disciples of Jesus walk in His authority.

Vs 5-7 - Jesus began to wash the disciples feet and Peter didn't understand. Feet are the parts of the body that touch the world the most. They represent progression or walking through life. They represent our lives. What caused Peter not to understand. How could Jesus being His leader wash his feet. He understood worldly authority where leaders are not to denigrate there position by doing something so beneath them. Peter protests the fact and says in verse 8 you shall never wash my feet. Peters misunderstanding is not unlike the church of Jesus Christ who have been taught worldly positional authority where the leaders rule and lead from their places of position but never wash or teach the people to wash one anothers feet. Oh you say that's not my pastor. Whens the last time your pastor was in your house after supper talking to you personally about your life and sharing with you about his. When is the last time he showed you that what he is doing for you is what you should be doing for others. Preaching sermons on Sundays and coordinating programs is not washing feet. These are parts of a religious system and structure that has failed to cleanse the Church from sin and sanctify Her from the world. Four years ago I refused to participate in this system another day. Rather I am choosing to wash the feet of Christ (The Body of Christ) and to have my feet washed by Him through His body.

Jesus response to Peter's protest was if you don't let me wash your feet than you shall not have a part with me. By the way Peter was always protesting. Does that make Him the first protestant. Before you protestants get exited, Peter's protests usually were against the will God and came out of fleshly positions of understanding.

Part - a position or place assigned to one. One of the constituent parts of a whole.

Jesus was telling Peter if you want let me wash your feet, you cannot be a part of my body. Also if you don't get the proper understanding on authority than you cannot be a part of my body. Jesus washed our lives in His blood when He died on the cross. He is continually washing our lives with His word as we commune with Him. This brings us into His body. Now what is our function as part of His body. We are to do the same to the other parts of the body. We are to knell down (speaks of humility) and wash the feet of Jesus by washing each other with the water of the word. We are to serve one another through loving relationships. We are to allow this to happen to our lives and we are to do it to others. If we will not we are not a part of His body. This is the criteria for being a part of His body. Wow no wonder the body of Christ is so dysfunctional and confused. It's time for the Church of Jesus Christ to step up and function as His body.

Vs 13- 15 - Jesus asked them Do you know what I have done to you? You call me teacher and Lord, and you say well for so I am. If i then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, we also ought to wash one anothers feet, For I have given you and example that you should follow.

Vs 16 - Most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent.

Another has taken His office (see previous post) and it's time to put Jesus back as the head of His body through each part taking up his and her authority. Hallelujah!!!!!