Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hearing The Call

Heb 11:8 "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out not knowing where he was going". I like that this verse starts with the words "by faith Abraham". Everything after that describes what he did by faith. James points out to us that faith without works is dead being alone. Abraham obeyed!!! Obedience is part of the work of faith. To say that you have faith and not obedience is to say that you have no faith at all. Before he could by faith obey he had to hear he call of God. God called Abraham to get out of his country and from his family to a place that he would show him (Gen 12:1). Abraham heard the call of God and obeyed the call! Faith is all about hearing Gods call. Have you ever been in a conversation and heard the other person talking but when they asked you what you said you could not tell them. You heard that they were talking but you were not listening to what they were saying. How many times have you sat in church and heard the preacher but could not relay what was said after the sermon was over. You were hearing but not listening. Listening is being attentive and engaged in what is being said. How many people could actually say that they are listening for God say. Jesus quoted an old testament verse in Mt 4 when he said Man shall not live by bread alone by by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. A man or woman of faith lives by listening to God and His words and obeying them not matter the consequence. One of the key elements of good relationships and communication is to be a good listener. Abraham had a relationship with God by and through faith. Faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of God. Are you actively listening to and for God to speak to you. Jesus said my sheep hear and know my voice. There is such an inheritance awaiting those who hear God's call and obey it. Abraham would have never received his inheritance had he not heard and obeyed the call of God. What words will follow your declaration of faith. By faith _________, did not obey because he or she was not listening to God and did not go to the place God had for them as an inheritance. What place are you in today. Maybe it's a place God has not called you to go or to be in. It's not to late to seek God and to actively hear His voice so you can get back to the place where God has called you too. It's not to late to begin a life of faith and to hear the call of God for yourself!!!